Vibration control of bus active suspension system

2 Author(s)   Armin Shabani, Armin Norouzi


The suspension system is one of the most critical subsystems of vehicles. By using different shock observers and sprigs damps vehicle vibration caused by road. This system enhances vehicle ride comfort and guarantees tire adherence to the road surface. In this paper, quarter vehicle vibration model has been used for simulation. Base on this mode, system response to road disturbance has been obtained. This response has been used for designing active suspension controller. Although these days’ different controllers like sliding mode controller and model predictive controller are used, PID controller is used widely in industrial applications because it is cheap and simple to apply in industrial applications. Therefore, in this paper, an active suspension system has been designed for a bus based on PID controller.

Keywords: Active Suspension System, Bus Suspension system, PID Controller, Suspension System Modeling

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