Vehicle Stability Control with AFS system

4 Author(s)  MohamadHosein Naierein, Armin Norouzi, Reza Kazemi, Shahram Azad


The real yaw is created in an vehicle due to applying steering base on the desired yaw in a certain velocity. For turning maneuver of the vehicle, the different control system is used for enhancing vehicle stability. In this study, the Active Front Steering (AFS) has been designed. 2-DOF vehicle model has been used for simulating controller and system. In this study, PID controller has been used for correcting driver steering angle based on vehicle and desired yaw rate.

Keywords: stability control, yaw rate control, Active Front Steering (AFS), PID controller

Conference site: The 2st National Conference of Applied Mechanics, 11 & 12 November 2015
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