Using Robust Sliding Mode Control to Enhance Vehicle Lateral Stability

3 Author(s)    Ali Barari, Armin Norouzi, Hadi Adibi-Asl


since autonomous vehicles plays a key role in quality and safety of driving, we conducted a research in order to automate the moose test which result in needless vehicles to drivers. First, In this case study, vehicle’s lateral dynamic was developed, then lateral position error and yaw angle error were obtained as inputs of controller. Second, desired path was designed and then Sliding mode control (SMC) was chosen for this test. The controller’s stability was proven analytically based on lyapanov stability. Coefficient friction and longitudinal velocity which have the most effect on vehicle’s performance were considered as uncertainties. The proposed controller can enable the vehicle to track the desired path on different road condition (dry and wet) with different longitudinal velocity. The results of simulation show significant tracking for dry road conditions and acceptable tracking in wet roads.

Keywords: autonomous vehicles, sliding mode controller, moose test

Conference site: 5th International Conference on Engineering Sciences and Technology, May 2018, Paris, France
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