Tracking Control of a Vehicle for Desired Path

4 Author(s)   Armin Norouzi,MohamadHosein Naierein, Reza Kazemi, Shahram Azad


The issue of automating various dynamic systems is one of the main concerns for engineers. In addition, because designing an automatic system requires artificial intelligence knowledge and prediction of a system behavior in a different situation, it is difficult to achieve the fully automatic systems, especially in the vehicle systems. Today, autonomous vehicle control is one of the top research among automotive engineers. In this paper, a controller for vehicle active steering has been designed for following the desired path. It is assumed that the desired path was designed in path planning part of the autonomous vehicle. In this study, 2-DOF vehicle-bicycle model has been utilized. Matlab/Simulink was used for simulating the controller. The result illustrated the exact tracking of the desired path especially in high velocity of the vehicle.

Keywords: controller design, autonomous vehicle, vehicle control, PID controller

Conference site: The 2st National Conference of Applied Mechanics, 11 & 12 November 2015
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