path planning of optimal automatic lane change maneuver for autonomous vehicles

3 Author(s)    Armin Norouzi, Reza Kazemi, Shahram Azadi


Automatic lane change system, which is used in autonomous vehicle and different driver assistance systems is one of the crucial step to achieve highly automated transportation. In this paper, lane change maneuver has been designed based on mathematic functions and vehicle dynamic condition on the road. To obtain the best mathematical function for lane change trajectory, 5th degree of polynomial, 7th degree of polynomial, and combination of invers of tangent function with 3th degree polynomial has been analyzed. For determined equation system, the unknown parameters has been obtained by using boundary conditions. For undetermined equation system, the combination of boundary layer by optimizing cost function have been utilized for finding trajectory confident. For optimization cost function Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) algorithm have been used. Analyzing candidate functions based on ISO2631-1 standard and maximum lateral acceleration have illustrated that 5th degree of polynomial function has best comfort for car passengers. Additionally, the sensitive analysis result shows that RMS of lateral acceleration has decreased exponentially by exponent of -1.984.

Keywords: path planning, lane change maneuver, optimum path planning, Bee colony optimization algorithm (ABC), autonomous vehicle, smart transportation system

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