Path planning and re-planning of lane change maneuvers in dynamic traffic environments

3 Author(s)  Armin Norouzi, Reza Kazemi, Omidreza Abbasi


Automatic lane change is of utmost importance in designing autonomous vehicles and Driver Assistant Systems. In this study, a novel path for lane change maneuvers based on mathematical functions is introduced. To obtain the suitable path for lane change maneuvers, four functions, namely Quintic, Septic, Sin, and Tangent functions, were examined. The analysis based on ISO Standards and peak acceleration revealed that Quintic function has the advantage of passenger comfort over other path functions. Then, after choosing the path, an algorithm for re-planning the lane change path based on dynamic traffic conditions was proposed. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm is capable of designing the path in many traffic conditions. Moreover, the algorithm can navigate the vehicle to the initial lane, if the maneuver is not possible. Our analytical results showed that the designed paths are suitable, comfortable, and safe.

Keywords: Automatic lane change; autonomous vehicle; path planning; lane change re-planning


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