Integrated Longitudinal and Lateral Control of an Autonomous Vehicle in Overtaking Maneuver Using Longitudinal Slip Control of Tire

4 Author(s)    Armin Norouzi, Ali Barari, Hadi Adibi-Asl


Advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) has been proposed to address driver-related accidents. One of advantages of ADASs is that it can provide autonomous control in overtaking maneuvers via GPS, designing desired trajectory and track the trajectory accurately. In this study, an integrated longitudinal and lateral control of 4-DOF vehicle’s nonlinear dynamic model in presence of uncertainties has been proposed which utilized adaptive sliding mode control. Adaptive control law has been utilized for switching gain based on the variations of sliding surface. Furthermore, a sliding mode control has been designed in order to control front wheels longitudinal slip of front wheels. Simulation results demonstrate proper tracking for dry road conditions and acceptable tracking in low adherence roads (wet roads) in overtaking maneuvers.
Keywords: Autonomous vehicles, Vehicle Control, Longitudinal slip Control, Sliding Mode Controller, and Adaptive Controller
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