Fuzzy Controller Design for Automatic Lane Change Maneuvers of Vehicle

3 Author(s)    Armin Norouzi, Reza Kazemi, Shahram Azadi


In this study, the fuzzy logic controller has been used for designing an active steering system for autonomous vehicles. Two degrees of freedom vehicle bicycle model which included vehicle yaw rate and lateral velocity has been used as vehicle model. The proposed fuzzy logic controller is capable to resist against vehicle uncertainty such as unmodelled uncertainty, road friction coefficient, and other environmental uncertainty which effect on vehicle dynamic. The fuzzy logic has been used for changing PID controller gains based on system response to a step input. The results illustrated the exact tracking in the dry road and the acceptable tracking in the wet and icy road; therefore, this controller could be used in experimental real-time tests.


Keywords: Fuzzy logic controller, vehicle lateral control, automatic line change, autonomous vehicle, road path following.

Download link: Civilica