Adaptive Controller Design based on RLS estimator for Automatic Lane Change Maneuvers of Vehicle

3 Author(s)    Armin Norouzi, Reza Kazemi, Shahram Azadi


The main goal of this paper is designing an adaptive controller which is capable to follow the desired path in different conditions of road traffic. Based on vehicle 2-DOF bicycle model, a plant model has been obtained, which is used for model reference, adaptive controller. In this paper, adaptive PID controller has been used for minimizing the error between vehicle’s output and reference model’s output. For designing adaptive PID controller, Recursive least squares (RLS) estimator has been applied for estimating PID coefficients. The results have illustrated that the adaptive PID controller has proper robustness for resistance against of uncertainty and external disturbance.

Keywords: adaptive control, vehicle lateral control, automatic lane change, Recursive least squares (RLS) estimator

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